3 Course Italian Dinner for Beginners - Simple Novice Recipes

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I've been waiting a long time to make a video like this. The idea of cooking dinner for a date is simply so exciting to me. Food is no doubt to quickest way to my heart. I find cooking to be a super fun way to get to know each other, and enjoy each-other's company. With these simple Italian style recipes, you can not only impress Bae, but you can cook together, and enjoy some really great food.

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For all of you who are new.. My name is Mike and I absolutely love to garden and cook. I want to share my experience of gardening, and knowledge of cooking with the world. Bringing a new, exciting, and FRESH way to enjoy your harvest.

The name Stove & Garden comes from my great passion for growing & harvesting to healthy fresh cooking. Using fresh tomato's, basil, peppers, or anything from my SMALL but wholesome back-yard garden to create brilliant, at home meals for your family. From meal prep, to slow cooker recipes. I'm here to show how even having a SMALL garden, can create wonderful, and fun experiences for people of all ages, all the while providing a healthy and wholesome taste-bud adventure.

I am Mike, and welcome to my YouTube channel.

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